Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Sunday after Easter finds Thomas with the disciples, inspecting the hands and side of Jesus (St. John 20:19-31). We have something in common with him, for neither he nor we were present in the upper room on the day of the resurrection. So Thomas would not believe until he received proof. And the fact that he believed is a clear indication that he received the proof he sought; and this in itself is proof for us, that we might also believe. Thomas not only believed the resurrection, but that this meant Jesus is the Almighty himself. His confession of faith is even clearer to us than Peter's was: my Lord and my God. Thus may we also believe. Moreover, we, like Thomas, are invited to touch Jesus, when we are invited to the Holy Sacrament.

There was also a vespers Sunday night, with a sermon on the Epistle from I John 5:4-12. Both sermons are included here:

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