Thursday, April 09, 2009

Maundy Thursday

As we enter the triduum sacram (the holy three days), we hear readings of the institution of the Passover, of the institution of the Supper, and of Jesus' washing of his disciples' feet (also called the maundy). These things are related, for he is himself our Passover Lamb, and his blood marks our door; so he serves and helps us. By this Supper we remember his great Exodus wherein he delivered us by his death on the cross. But more importantly, by this supper God remembers us, even as, when he saw the blood on the doors of the Israelite houses, he remembered his covenant and the angel of death passed over without harming them. Now Christ's blood marks the door of our lips, and so we may be confident that the plague of death, and all lesser plagues as well, shall not visit our homes. The sermon has been recorded, but for some reason the site at which it's parked isn't cooperating tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.

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