Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jesus Dines with Lazarus whom He had Raised from the Dead

The difference between St. John's gospel and the other three is that the fourth Gospel is more sacramental in its imagery, in spite of its lack of record of the institution of the Supper. Evidently the Evangelist did not see need of repeating that which the first three Gospels had already done; rather, he provides imagery for meditation on sacramental realities. Thus he alone recounts the raising of Lazarus, and omits the raising of the little girl and of the son of the widow of Nain. The raising of Lazarus is of special significance because afterwards Jesus also dined with him as His body was anointed by Mary for His burial. So also do we dine with Him in the Supper, in connection with His death (we receive His body and blood), and as those whom He raises from the dead with Lazarus. The sermon for this (Thursday) morning, from St. John 12:1-11:

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