Friday, June 03, 2011

The Ascension of Our Lord

Ascension Day is the day to bury all doubt beneath the mountain of evidence of the truth of our faith. St. Luke says, in Acts 1, that Jesus showed his disciples many "infallible truths," and then ascended into heaven. This validates his entire ministry, in spite of its weakness and poverty. Now he ascends in glory and triumph. It also validates God's creation of the world. On the fifth day of the week he created birds and fish, that is, he put life in the heavens and in the seas. Now, on Ascension Thursday, he fills the heaven with himself, who is the life, and also fills the waters of Holy Baptism with the life of the Holy Trinity. Not only so, but his ascension is the ascension of our own flesh. "Mighty Lord, in Thine ascension We by faith behold our own." The sermon.

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