Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rogate, the Fifth Sunday after Easter

Jesus' invitation to ask for anything in his name comes in today's Gospel, leading us to consider the meaning of his name, and the fact that "Jesus" means "I am salvation," which is in a sense the fuller meaning of the old name "Yahweh," meaning simply "I am." Hence all who are baptized in his name gain the privilege of praying in his stead, and expecting to receive all things in him. He demonstrated this abundantly by giving Israel more than they asked: they asked for deliverance, and he came to them in the flesh. So also he demonstrates this by giving us more than we expect: we pray for God's will on earth and the giving of daily bread, and he gives us the Bread of Life in the Holy Supper. We should therefore expect all good things to come to us, for they will in the end, when we shall receive more than our hearts can imagine. The sermon.

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