Sunday, May 08, 2011

Misericordias Domini Sunday

Today's Gospel is full of mercy and the heart of God, for it tells us of the Good Shepherd. See how he tenderly and gently brings his wandering flock back to himself after the tragic events of Good Friday. He appears to Mary in the garden, not so as to frighten her, but by calling her name. He comes to the Emmaus disciples gently, first as a stranger, then teaching, and finally revealing. He appears to his disciples on the shore, again as a stranger at first. He does not wish to startle his sheep. Nor does he treat you harshly. He brings you back to himself, in this holy place, by preaching to you and by feeding you on his own Sacrament. And this in spite of your wayward tendencies. How kind he is; and how convinced you should be that in him you are safe! The sermon.

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