Monday, September 03, 2007

Schönes Deutschland! - V

We were going through photos of our trip to Germany last spring, and I was reminded of the gorgeous pilgrimage church of the "Scourged Savior," a.k.a. the Wies Kirche (the church of the wheatfield). It has a fascinating history and is a breathtaking look at some rococo architecture. For all its lavish decor, it is tasteful and very incarnational in overall impression. And if you want to see this eye-popping church on the inside, you can click here to go to its very own website, and then click on the sidebar where it says "Panoramic View." Some really awesome views.


Paul T. McCain said...

Wow, somebody beat that church with a big old Roccoco stick to within an inch of its life! But I'll take that any day over the "image free" approach that seems to have become popular in our circles these days.

Dcn. Muehlenbruch said...

I had the pleasure of visiting the Weis Kirche in 1995. In spite of it being littered with lighting and video cables (after the filming of a documentary), the beauty if this church was no less impressive. The panoramic view that you pointed us to refreshed my memory. I felt that I was standing there once again.