Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Of All the High School Pranks . . .

In Best of the Web, a daily online editorial section of The Wall Street Journal, I ran across a referenced Columbus Dispatch article about a five-star high school prank. There are two high schools in Hilliard, Ohio, and at a recent game between them, a senior from one managed to get squares of construction paper handed out to people sitting in the stands on the other side. They held them up on cue, expecting them to read "Go Darby." But, as the Dispatch reports:

"From across the field, Davidson fans read the actual message:

"We suck."

And it's all caught here on YouTube.


Norman Teigen said...

When might I expect the next issue of your magazine?

Father Eckardt said...

It's at the printers. We expect to have it in the mail by next week Thursday, which means in your mailbox within three weeks from now.