Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palmarum, the Sixth Sunday in Lent

To understand the triumphal entry of Jesus, it helps to understand the triumphal entry of Solomon first: his older brother Adonijah was thereby thwarted, in spite of the meekness of Solomon, who unexpectedly rode David's mule through the street of Jerusalem amid cries of "God save King Solomon!"

So also were the Pharisees perplexed at the triumphal entry of Jesus, who is greater than Solomon: and since he is greater, both his humility is greater (not only is he threatened with death as Solomon was, he actually dies) and his exaltation is greater (whereas Solomon became Israel's greatest king, Jesus rises from the dead).

And we are with the throng that cried Hosanna: those that went before are like the saints of old who looked forward to his coming, and those that followed have been following ever since, the children of the New Testament. And we celebrate by feasting in victory, in the Blessed Sacrament.

Today's audio is prefaced by a choral rendition of "Adoramus te" and is

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