Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Follow me

In St. John 21:15-19 Jesus asks Simon Peter three times if he loves Him, reminiscent of Peter's three denials and thus grieving and embarrassing him. So should we all be grieved and embarrassed at our failures to fear, love, and trust in Him above all things, or, as Jesus puts it here, "more than these." And yet Peter is right in replying that Jesus knows of his love for Him, for He knows all things. He knows that Peter's faith is born of the Holy Ghost and is therefore greater than his failures. It is a faith born of the triune God, which says thrice that it loves Him.

Therefore it never leads, but always follows Him. Much ado has arisen these days over "leadership" in the Church. The Church does not need leaders, she needs followers; men whose ministry will be beholden only to Him; and faithful who likewise will be willing to submit even to death while following Him. Like Peter, who at his own crucifixion requested that it be inverted, lest it be perceived as too bold a likeness to the Lord he loved.

The sermon.

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