Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Sin of Hypocrisy II

In today's Gospel (St. Luke 12:1-10), Jesus continues His discourse on hypocrisy, likening it to leaven, when He sees the mass of people trampling each other, like a mass of bread dough into which the yeast is kneaded. As yeast is so very small, yet leavens a whole loaf, so a bit of hypocrisy seems a minor thing, yet it is deadly. The piety of Christian people ought never be used as a pretense or a cloak to cover wickedness. True piety is born of a desire to see and be with Christ, the Author of mercy. The sermon is here.


Brian P Westgate said...

What pericope are you following for Lent, Father? I've noticed that your Gospels aren't the same ones as in the Missal. Thanks!

Fr BFE said...

I have used for years the daily lectionary in TLH, which is also the basis for the meditations in my book Every Day Will I Bless Thee.

Brian P Westgate said...

AHHH. Makes sense!