Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quinquagesima Sunday - the Blind Beggar Healed

Jesus' disciples surely had a sense of dread and foreboding as they approached Jerusalem, for He had told them (in today's Quinquagesima Gospel) that in Jerusalem the son of man must be delivered unto the Gentiles, mocked, spitefully entreated, spitted on, scourged, and put him to death. And, we are told, they understood none of these things. So they undoubtedly didn't comprehend the last part He had said, that "the third day he shall rise again from the dead." They needed englightenment; they needed to see and understand. So He gave sight to this blind beggar, to give them encouragement and as they looked toward the dark future: there will be resurrection, victory, and life there; do not despair!

We do not fear Lent, which is about to begin, for we know what follows: Easter. We know that in all Jesus endures, He gains victory for us; so do not fear the future, or let dread trouble your heart; rather, sit with the blind man by the way side (for He who is the Way is near!) and beg Him for mercy, and be confident that you shall have it.

For the audio of today's Gospel and sermon click here.

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