Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Town Hell Part II

I had a scary thought about all this. The current bill has some pretty outlandish things in it, as I'm sure everyone--everyone--knows. Giving the Federal Government access to all bank accounts, forcing seniors to get counsel on dying with dignity, etc. These things are ridiculous, and, as anyone could easily expect, are just the kind of things that would get people up in arms. Looky here: people are up in arms! Surprise!

Well, those congressmen aren't stupid. They surely knew this was going to happen. So here's my worry. What if they put those utterly outrageous things in there for one reason only: so that after the outrage burst out, they could go back and remove them and then say, See, we compromised for you! And then, voila, Federal Health Care becomes law, just as they planned in the first place.

Oh, do I hope it fails.

And by the way, this notion that "you can keep your own health care plan if you want to" is so bogus that I wonder who can believe it. Listen, you can't keep it if it goes out of business, which it will.

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