Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I Knew It

I guess the EPA is not quite as objective as some would have you believe, when it comes to global warming. Which, I might add, also goes for that panel of scientists who fatuously declared a few years back that global warming was reality and that it was caused by man.

Now we're hearing of an EPA guy named Alan Carlin, who was being told to shut up, because he dared to question the findings and the 'settled' view that these things are incontrovertibly so. Whatever may be said about whether or not they are so, the fact that muzzles are being placed on officials who provide alternative views or suggestions indicates that the greens' entire stance was jaded in the first place.

Kudos to Wisconsin Representative James Sensenbrenner for calling attention to this.

Of course, we knew it all along, didn't we.

And with every passing year, I'm becoming more convinced that much--most--of this environmentalism is really a false, Gaian religion.


Anonymous said...

CPH has gotten in on the fun too!

Where children are encouraged to be 'bold bee-lievers who zip, zap, and ZOOM for Jesus.'

Note the green shirt with the recycling symbol the bee is wearing.

Fr BFE said...

Wow. I'm speechless . . .

Cecil The Sea Sick Sea Serpent said...

It is well known that the Martians are an advanced civilization, so how come the Martian polar ice caps are receding?