Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Introducing St. Paul's on the Air

"This is St. Paul's On the Air: a radio program brought to you by the members of St. Paul's Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Kewanee, Illinois, where you know you've been to church. No gimmicks, no compromises, the talk is straight, and we feast on sacred things. We're glad to have you with us as we talk about the Gospel, our Lord Jesus Christ and the things that matter the most to us. I'm your host, the Rev. Fr. Burnell Eckardt, pastor of St. Paul's, with a small group of listeners and a couple of microphones carefully positioned to help you get into the room with us and listen along . . ."

St. Paul's on the Air is a weekly radio program which airs on our local radio station every Sunday morning, and is also podcast on Pirate Christian Radio every Wednesday morning, 25 minutes of a classroom monologue and discussion, recorded live and aired on our local radio station every Sunday morning.

And as of today, it is also available right here, right now. The first program posted is actually the one meant for this coming Sunday, January 11. Go ahead, have a listen: click here.

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