Thursday, January 08, 2009

+ Fr Richard John Neuhaus +

Apart from the usual thoughts Lutherans might be expected to have about the passing of as important an American theologian as Fr. Richard John Neuhaus (mostly having to do with his move from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod to the Church of Rome), there ought to be a good deal thought, and said, about two things at least.

First, there is the fact that this man was an unflinching champion of the unborn.

Second, there is his contributions, in First Things, which he begot, and his book The Naked Public Square, toward fighting the erosion of morality and decency in our society, from a distinctly Christian perspective.


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Proctor S. Burress said...

Fr. Neuhaus, of medieval temperament and views, attempted to move his religious zealotry from left to right by returning to the papacy for salvation in the public square.

Ye shall not know the truth as God's people... even his priests... resort to medieval censorship!