Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Gottesdienst Website Design

Having updated the design of Gottesblog, it's only fitting that the Gottesdienst website should be updated too, after sitting virtually idle for two or three years. Yes, we finally did it. Have a look.

And while you're at it, subscribe. Gottesdienst is the insightful, witty, evangelical, liturgical journal of record (if we do say so ourselves).

Gottesdienst is for you if

· You want to know more about the liturgy

· Or if you want some great seasonal sermons and Biblical insights

· Or if you want liturgical observations that are truthful, insightful, and unafraid

· Or if you want encouragement to stand firm in the faith

· Or if you’re a pastor who hasn’t yet taken the step of ordering a bulk subscription for your congregation. You know, if they read something you’re already trying to tell them, they might be easier to convince.

To subscribe, click here.

And, incidentally, we're about to embark on our annual fund drive for Gottesdienst, whose funds tend to get rather low about this time of year, so anyone who has the wherewithal to help us out, be sure to check out the Make a Donation! tab; we could sure use some help!

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