Thursday, August 21, 2008

Out of the Barn

Horses are now running wild and free.
Mavericks they are, one and all, shall they be.
And now there's another, for now yet again
Gottesdienst flies, she is out of the barn.

IN THIS ISSUE subscribers may look forward to two marvelous guest essays. The first, by Fr Richard Stuckwisch on "Singing the Church year with Paul Gerhardt," is a continuation of his brilliant study of this Lutheran giant's rich contributions to our hymnody.

The second, by frequent contributor Fr Larry Beane, asks, "Is the Papacy Still Antichrist?", a long overdue question, with incisive reasoning and plenty of confessional approbation to back up his answer. Hint: the answer isn't "Yes."

This is also our first issue with two new editors, Frs (and brothers) John and Peter Berg. We finally assimilated them (yes, rather like the Borg: "Strength is irrelevant, resistance is futile. We wish to improve ourselves. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours."). Their short-lived The Motley Magpie has been resurrected, and is now a regular column in our journal.

Then there's an entry by your humble columnist called "Cheap Plastic." Guess what that one's about.

The lineup is rounded out by two fine sermons, from Fr William Weedon and Fr Aaron Koch, Fr David Petersen's article "Contemplating Missouri's Losses," Fr Karl Fabrizius's "Musing on the Mysteries," and my own "Pondering the Holy Liturgy."

One more thing. We don't have quite as many copies left over this time as usual, so if you want to subscribe before they run out, better hurry. First come, first served. Log on at to get the current issue.


Ben said...

I don't know where else to put this comment, but your RSS feed seems to be broken. Try clicking on your link to the Atom feed at the bottom of your page. Great blog by the way.

Rev.Fr.Burnell F Eckardt said...

So how in the Sam Hill do I fix this thing?

Rt. Rev. Jack Bauer said...

Papacy isn't the antichrist?

Why because JDDJ was so good and affirmed forensic justification?

Because the Pope is German and likes beer?

Because they let priests and nuns marry?

Because the Roman church quit issuing indulgences and claiming control over souls in purgatory?

Because they quit forbidding certain foods?

Just because papa doesn't wear the tiara anymore?

Vatican II teaches universalism.

The papacy is still built upon schwaermerei as as the Smalcalds and Treatise say.



Just be content being an evangelical catholic.

Rev.Fr.Burnell F Eckardt said...

Well, you'll note, if you read the article, that we aren't exactly endorsing the pope.

I mean, we don't run around saying Rick Warren is the antichrist, do we?

Yes, of course the Church of Rome has its problems, and some areas of serious disagreement remain. But things have changed, and we'll do well to acknowledge that, even if we still have a long ways to go.

You'll have to read the article. Really.