Friday, August 29, 2008

Ecstatic over Palin

Suddenly I'm excited about politics again. Although there will likely be some things about Sarah Palin that I'll discover I disagree with here and there, John McCain made some giant strides today toward gaining my confidence that he'll make a good President.

I'm one of those conservatives, even "social conservatives," he knows he has to win over, and he hasn't done too much to win me over, seemingly taking every opportunity to distance himself from our kind, leaving us scratching our heads, wondering, what in the world is he doing? Somebody remind me why I am supposed to vote for him. And then remembering it was because the alternative would be far worse in a gazillion ways.

All that changed today.

I read about Sarah Palin several months ago, and thought, wow, she'd be a great president. I remember having the same thoughts about a certain Governor Ronald Reagan back in the mid 1970s. Governor Palin is strongly pro-life and anti-bureaucracy. She is a woman of high integrity, as far as I can tell. She was appointed to some oil commission, and when she found corruption there, she sought to root it out, and in so doing made many enemies among powerful people. At length she succeeded, and has gained the support of 80% of the people in her state. 80%! That's unheard of.

She's pro-family, pro-second amendment, and one classy lady. I still can't believe she got the nod. I'm thrilled to the bone, and suddenly find myself actually rooting for somebody instead of just against somebody else. Something good has just happened to American politics. Kudos to Senator McCain.


Pastor D said...

Economic issues, here in "flyover country" we're dealing with food for fuel...war on terror, one possibly two supreme Court positions to fill. This race will be HUGE. Up until today I had it Obama's not to loose now it's an even race.

Rev. Paul Beisel said...

I'm with you on this Fr. Eckardt. I was stoked.

Fr. William Gleason said...

Calm down, boys.

Fritz, a while back you said you were already sold on Mr. McCain because of some cock 'n' bull story from, of all people, Karl Rove ( Now you are saying that your confidence is waning. Well, which is it?

I'm giving you a friendly jab only because I have to go along with Thomas Fleming's view on this one found at Particularly on Mrs. Palin, see his comment at #66.

Whichever of these reality show teams "wins", we lose...and miserably so. Who can get excited over that? Not me.

Bill +

Rev.Fr.Burnell F Eckardt said...

Which is it, you ask. My former post said this: "I have had my reservations about John McCain, to say the least," although I admitted that I was struck by the man's integrity (as a soldier). That was the gist of the former post.

Now I am repeating those reservations in this post, but as a way of leading up to the current point: "All that changed today."

His selection of Palin excites me not because of what the media are currently saying about her, but because of what I read about her myself in the past year. Anyone who thinks she's ditzy will be playing right into her hands, I think. She's one tough customer, and will, I expect, be surprising a lot of people.

I'm thinking maybe I'd like a bumper sticker that says "Palin for Vice President."

William Gleason said...

I certainly agree that Sarah Palin has raised slightly the interest level of this presidential contest; but that is only because one is left wondering why McCain really picked her (his first choice was, after all, Joe Lieberman), and whether her political stance on key issues will hold up at Capitol Hill where qualities such as duplicity, treachery, and vengence abound. She better be tough.

I hope you are right that she will surprise people, especially in the positive sense that I believe you mean. However, skeptic that I am, I suspect Sarah the soccer mom will be the one surprised.

Your bumper sticker idea is a good one; it would fit in well with one that says "NOTA for President."

Bill +

Ezekiel said...

Got to say, my friend, I share in your joy!

I don't watch many political conventions and I hate the ads, but Sarah Palin scored hight tonight!

I sensed an honest and integrity that I haven't seen in the likes of Pelosi, Clinton and others.

I do hope that she does serve as VP .. and that her family is not turned upside down in the process!