Sunday, July 20, 2008

While I'm Gone . . .

I'm on vacation for a week,
But still they're kept, and none may peek:
The door is locked, the hosts inside
Where none may enter, for they hide
The majesty of Christ the Lord
Within their species, by His word
And so they'll stay there several days
Unless emergency should raise
The sudden need for them today
And I will take them right away
To someone sick, who would receive them
By His words (they still believe them)
"'Tis my body and my blood"
And these are given for thy good.



generalscuttlebutt said...

Masaki, Ziegler, and Scaer would like a word with you...

generalscuttlebutt said...

Oops. Wrong post. My hand was a little shaky there for some reason. carry on.