Monday, February 25, 2008

SoThat's It!

I should have known that something smelled fishy in this new Illinois ban on smoking in public places. Here I was, having to admit that I was sort of enjoying the fact that since the first of the year I could go into restaurants and places that used to be filled with carbon monoxide, and now, no more. I can have a nice meal, and when I leave the restaurant, go home and not have to wash my clothes.

So I thought, well, I guess I have to admit this is one feature of the nanny state that I rather like.

I should have known better.

The coming government scam is exposed in this article in the American Spectator, which explains that what is already being considered in the state legislature is the granting of special licenses to places where smokers are really serious about wanting to congregate: bars, and perhaps restaurants.

So what's wrong with that, you ask?

Ah, the licenses must be purchased, of course. Can you see it coming now? Restaurants will soon be pressured to get the license by the sheer force of the marketplace. If other restaurants are allowing smokers, they're going to lose customers, so soon they'll have to fork over the cash. Next thing you know, it'll all be just like it was before, except for one thing: one more hidden "tax." You'll still have your smoky bowling alleys, just like before, but now, the government will have succeeded in providing themselves with a clever way of siphoning more cash from the poor merchants (read "the people") and gaining more control over us all.

Hat tip: Mom


Brett Cornelius said...

And the government has a willing ally in all who wish to restrict the rights of others, at least the activists. The same thing is happening with the global warming scare as happened with the second hand smoke scare; the governments use the fears of people to grab more power and produce more revenue. What a wonderfully free country we live in, eh?

Father Eckardt said...

I'm a little disappointed that there isn't a bit more global warming in these parts this winter.

Speaking of scares, the latest is that pythons are invading the southwest and could take over a third of the nation.

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

Carl Vehse said...

Speaking of scares, the latest is that pythons are invading the southwest and could take over a third of the nation.

Sounds plausible to me. The Capitol in Washington, DC, is already full of snakes.

Michael James Hill said...

Reading this post and comments while smoking my pipe several thoughts came to mind. First, my rights are not infringed in the least by no smoking laws. These simply compel me to be considerate of my neighbor -- something I am happy to do. Second, sad to see again that LCMS pastors wasting their time with right wing rubbish like the American Spectator. Third, sad to see some one again confusing weather with climate (global warming has nothing to do with today's temperature). Fourth... never mind.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

You nailed it.

Father Eckardt said...

Climate change has nothing to do with today's weather, right. But it does have to do with averages. I recall reading the other day that in fact the coldest decade on record was, let's see, was it the 1920s? Or 30s? At any rate, it wasn't in our lifetime.

Global warming is a myth. I was just pondering that this morning while coming home after mass. The 'scientific community' decided there is global warming and that it is caused by man. Uh huh. This would be the same community that decided my relatives are apes. They are sometimes wrong.

And as for the wasting of time, who are you, sir, to judge what constitutes the wasting of my time, anyway? I am an LCMS pastor, so I dare not read political news and commentary? Non sequitur. Or is your problem with which commentary I choose to read?

Your last comment is the best: "never mind." Beginning now, I intend to follow that advice.

Michael James Hill said...

Your response to my comment lacks logic. You have yet to demonstrate that you understand what "climate change" means, much less the claim that it is occuring now because of what human beings are doing. Scientific assertions are refuted by scientific method which uses facts, not by not by vague references to something read and silly proclamations about myths. Even George Bush has learned that.

Father Eckardt said...

. . . so tempted to reply, but no, there's really no point . . .

Karina said...

As I live in California, where there really is no smoking in restaurants and bars, I'm always so surprised and even startled when I go outside the state and witness people smoking in such places!

Say what you will about CA, but this is among the reasons I love it.