Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sandy Berger's Lies

The Fox News expose on the Sandy Berger coverup ought to be about as earth-shaking as the Washington Post expose on the Nixon Administration's coverup. But it won't be. Times have changed, and now that those who would be most hurt by a national scandal are in charge at the capitol building, there won't be any "outrage" commensurate with the crime, or certainly not in proportion to the "outrage" expressed by those who ranted and raved about the Scooter Libby affair. Libby is now convicted of a felony for his poor memory, over an issue that turned out to be a non-issue (he wasn't the one, it turns out, who "outed" Valerie Plame, remember?), but Berger walks, having copped a plea bargain for what he calls "mistakes." Listen, lies are not mistakes; and to call them mistakes is simply to lie some more. We are to believe that he "mistakenly" shoved top-secret documents in his pants, documents the 9-11 commission needed in order to carry on its investigation, and "mistakenly" hid them away. He "mistakenly" made repeated runs to the men's room for this purpose, and "mistakenly" carried documents outside the building and "mistakenly" hid them under a bush or trash bin or something while "mistakenly" going back to get some more. Then he "mistakenly" cut them to shreds so that no one could ever find them. And then he "mistakenly" explained to us all that this was all a mistake. And no one will ever know what was in those files. He had a motive, and he has mounds of evidence against him. That is and ought to be a felony.

What I can't figure out is why in the world the Bush Department of Justice wouldn't want to prosecute this further. They did get a promise from him that he'd take a lie detector test, even with the plea bargain, but he has yet to do it. Why don't they push? Why don't they ever push? The best way for evil men to succeed is for good men to do nothing. Didn't somebody famous once say that? Churchill or somebody?

Kudos to Fox. But the Berger King was Clinton, so Sandy has nothing to fear.


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

It's because underneath the posturing, they're all in cahoots, Dems and Reps alike.

Also because Berger probably has plenty of dirt on the other side he could dish out if pushed. They all have plenty on each other. It's just a question of which unfortunate crook has to be sacrificed, now and then, to public opinion.


Father Eckardt said...

You're probably quite right.