Monday, April 09, 2007

Kudos for Gottesdienst Keep Coming

I recall a certain critic saying recently that he could not "in good conscience" recommmend Gottesdienst to anyone, putting it in the same category as Christian News and Jesus First, publications widely regarded as rags from the right and the left. The conversation was rich, because as it happened this critic had himself been the object of some pointed Gottes-criticism in a prior issue, which just might serve to mitigate the notion that his conscience was "good."

At any rate, another reason I found the criticism so amusing was that I routinely--yes, routinely--get mail from serious readers saying just the opposite. Here following is a sampling lifted from the correspondence we have received in the past two weeks alone, whose volume of kudos was by no means unusual.

"Your publication is wonderful! I am increasingly becoming disappointed in The Lutheran Witness, and this quarterly journal more than makes up for it. I especially enjoyed J. E. Shaw's piece, 'Strategy for Victory.' I was most pleased to see Dr. Feuerhahn had received the Sabre of Boldness award. . . ."

"This is an excellent publication."

"I appreciate and enjoy Gottesdienst . . . the Journal you publish and to which I subscribe. . . ."

"I think the latest copy of Gottesdienst is very special. Please send me 10 copies . . ."

"We are very interested in seeing that the historic liturgy is alive and well for the next generation of Lutherans, and so we ask that [this enclosed donation] be used to the glory of God as best seen fit by your organization's needs. . . . May the Lord of the Church continue to rasi up faithful pastors, congregations and organizations among us who unashamedly subscribe to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions."

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Father Eckardt said...

. . . and here are a couple more we got just today:

Gottesdienst is the best publication I receive. And your articles I go back to over and over. The article a few issues back on pastors and parishes in trouble was one of your best.”

“I have been receiving your periodical as a result of a gift subscription, and have found it to be fascinating reading. I fully intend to continue my subscription after this gift has run its course.”