Monday, September 18, 2006

They're Here

Well, I knew this was coming. I told you so. We now have women ministers in the Missouri Synod. We just don't know it.

Here's how they did it. For the past thirty years, we've had the notion drummed into our heads that you can't ordain women, it's against the Bible, etc. So the SOW* folks decided to change their tactics in order to get the women pastors they always wanted.

Step one: convince everyone that ordination is an adiaphoron, an indifferent thing. Never mind that the Lutheran Confessions permit you to call it a sacrament, it's nothing more than a nice apostolic custom which we are free to take or leave. By the way, to any idiot who wants to retort that the Confessions do not require us to call it a sacrament, I'd like to say that I dont require it either: but in permitting such a designation, the Confessions are at the least affirming that it is an act of God. I wouldn't want to call an act of God an indifferent thing, would you?

But the SOW* crowd accomplished the first step, and now synodical types everywhere are convinced that ordination is really an adiaphoron, in spite of the fact that the Church has never designated someone as a minister without it.

Step two: reintroduce the historic diaconate, something the Synod should never have abandoned in the first place. I remember the haughtiness of the committee at the last convention which, when asked to consider an ordained diaconate, declared, oh no, ordination is a term reserved for pastors. Sure it is: as of 1853 in our synod alone. Talk about parochial!
Anyhow, now deacons are popping up here and there without ordination, and in fact the duties of a deacon, given for example in the Mid-South District, are pretty good ones (for which click here). Only trouble is, they're not ordained!

Oh, and this: there are females among them! Want to see one? Just check out the Mid-South newsletter, click on July-August, and go to page five (thanks to Fr. Larry Beane for the heads up on this). So now you have what I knew you were going to get: women in the ministry, women preaching, women administering the Sacraments. But it's all OK, because they're not ordained! You synodical types will just never get it, will you? You've been duped into this, and you never knew what hit you; the SOW* crowd can just give a quiet aside to its members: don't worry, ordination is no big deal anyhow. After all, we can even arrange for you to get your holy tax break, like we did for our "commissioned ministers"!

Now instead of this nonsense, can we please get serious about having a proper diaconate, complete with proper ordination? Like I said, they have a very nice explanation of what a diaconate does (and, unintentionally, why it should be an ordained diaconate), which, once again, you can see if you click here.

*Synodical Organization of Women, which actually doesn't exist as such, but is definitely a crowd of people who think the Biblical mandate against women preachers doesn't apply to them. They, like the NOW crowd, seek to impose their brand of feminism on the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. The September issue (page 9) says these deacons must be men.

Paul Faulkner said...

Indeed, the September issue goes far enough to say that the woman in the picture is not in the deacon program, which is not allowed, but was simply taking some Deacon classes. She is actually a 'parish assistant,' which is a position open to anyone. What pray tell then, does such an asst. do that requires them to be dressed up just like a Deacon?

And the Atlantic District has already had female Deacons, as that program is open to men and women.

Until the Synod proper has a chance to study the issue and figure out what exactly we mean when we say 'deacon' our districts should stop going off and doing their own thing.

Cecil The Sea Sick Sea Serpent said...

"What the heck; makes a guy sore!" As an agent of the FIB I demand an investigation.

BTW as I was swimming through the Black Lagoon, I mean the LCMS Districts, I came across the Atlantic District diaconal schematic. See for yourself.

Atlantic District

Atlantic District of the LC-MS Diaconate Guidelines

"As a minimum, applicants for the district diaconate will have a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED Certificate). Is open to male and female and they are commission by the district. The office is not recognized by other districts."

Now this is interesting; "The office is not recognized by other districts." This gives an out for Inter-Synodical Altar fellowship. When an Atlantic District female deacon comes to an Altar outside of the Atlantic District there is no reason to forbid their attendance, in as much as they do not need to be recognized. Perhaps each district is a Synod? On the other hand ... there is no other hand.

I'm going to drop down to about 20,000 leagues and ...

Lawrence said...


This does not encourage me for the future of our Synod.