Saturday, September 09, 2006

Man's Best Friend

We finally did it. After a twelve-year hiatus without a dog, we have now increased our family size by one canine. We've had a fine cat in the intervening years, whose objections to this new brother are actually not as fierce as we might have expected, but I must say I disagree with Robert DeNiro's character in Meet the Parents. He said, as you may recall, that cats are better than dogs because they don't sell out, they make you earn their affection. Maybe so, but the thing about dogs is that they are loyal, as everyone knows. You can be the ugliest, craziest, or most neurotic, hated, or odd person in the world, and you dog will still love you. A dog's love is pure grace. I guess that's what I need.

So anyway, this little Labrador-retriever puppy is only four months old, and we're pondering a name for him. On top of the list right now is Reggie (the boys like this one, for Green Bay legend Reggie White). My favorite, Wyatt, was nixed. Also rans included Brett, Vince, and Lambeau. I would have liked Herb (my favorite Packer was Herb Adderley, back in the day). We also considered Luther, but that's a bit too common among Lutheran pastors. Also Bach, Mozart, and Johann. I sort of liked Laphroaig too, or Islay, or Malt (he is a brown dog), or simply Scotch. But I guess that would be better for a terrier.

Anyone with ideas may submit. We still haven't decided.

In other news, we have learned that we are to become grandparents sometime in late April or early May. Forgot to blog about that the other day. I guess that shows how much I am into instant gratification. Like, we have a dog right now, and the baby is still a ways off.


Lincoln - BoW said...

I always thought that Augustine would be a good name for a St. Bernard, Great Dane, or Mastiff.

Walther would be a good name for certain breeds as well.

However, for a labrador, how about :

Gregory (Nazianzus or The Great)
Since you seem to be concentrating on football names, how about
Gipper (Tribute to our greatest 20 cent. president, and a football name to boot)
Reagan would work too, but more subtle on the football thing.

I would prefer a name like Yzerman or Gordie, but that's because I'm a Redwings fan, and don't care much for football.



Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. BFE,
Well, since you are a dog lover (as I really am too) you can't use the suggestion that I've given to many Lutherans.
Name it either Calvin or Zwingli, and then kick the hell out of it.
Fr Watson

ps. I'm joking I love dogs.
the other white meat

Anonymous said...

Your grace,
How about Venkman in my honor? That way whenever you come home and he jumps on you like Dino from the Flinstones you may say, "He slimed me. That's great! Actual physical contact!"

The self proclaimed
Dr. Pete Venkman

Lawrence said...

Last dog we had was named Fred. Affectionatly nick-named "That D**n Dog".

He was really good at eating the kids toys and digging big holes in the yard. And he was dum as a box of rocks.

Hopefully your experience will be different than mine.

Latif Haki Gaba said...

I think Latif would be a good name.

Anonymous said...

Our last female German Shepherd was named in a Lutheran way. Her name was Concordia Von Haga. Connie for short.

A male version would be Connor or Concord.


You can name the dog after his master ... BRUNO. LOL!

Father Eckardt said...

Well, now we have another name in the mix. Since Wyatt didn't fly, and I wanted something tough, now there are some members of the family considering Callahan. Not bad, eh? Callahan.