Monday, November 08, 2010

Sabre of Boldness nominees?

Nominations for the 2011 Sabre Bearer are also invited. Please submit your nomination to Fr. Eckardt with "Sabre of Boldness" in the subject line.

Simply state the name, address, and telephone number of the nominee and the reasons why he or she is a fitting choice for Sabre Bearer. The degree of the adversity faced by the nominee, a demonstration of steadfast resistance to pressures to compromise the truth of the Gospel, heedlessness of threatened personal consequences, and a clear confession of the truth at stake are considered. The slate of nominees will close on Wednesday, January 19th, 2011. Then the editors of Gottesdienst will meet privately to make their selection.

The editors of Gottesdienst invite all seminary guests to come on over to La Quinta, right after the Symposium banquet, for this gala event.

Sabre of Boldness Recipients
1996 The Reverend Peter C. Bender
1997 The Reverend Jonathan G. Lange
1998 The Reverend Dr. Edwin S. Suelflow
1999 The Reverend Gary V. Gehlbach
2000 The Reverend Peter M. Berg
2001 The Reverend Dr. John C. Wohlrabe
2002 The Reverend Erich Fickel
2003 The Reverend Dr. Wallace Schulz
2004 The Reverend Charles M. Henrickson
2005 The Reverend Edward Balfour
2006 Bishop Walter Obare
2007 The Reverend Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn
2008 The Reverend Aaron Moldenhauer
2009 The Reverend Juhana Pohjola
2010 Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Kofi Fynn

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