Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Monday

Two important figures appear in today's Gospel: Judas and Mary of Bethany. The first is a traitor, whose heart uses an appearance of holiness to cover deceit, and who in the process seeks to destroy the reputation of someone doing good, Mary. The second is this Mary, who is so overcome to be with Jesus that she gives no thought to the cost of the ointment, and is evidently weeping, since it is with her hair that she wipes Jesus' feet. How she loves Him!

So in which of these two figures can you see yourself? In honesty, each Christian should say, in both. For the heart of Judas is of the same sin that has invaded our hearts, and causes us also to contend with selfishness within, with feigned holiness, with lies, treachery, thievery, and the like. But there is also within each Christian the heart of Mary, who knows Jesus' mercy and compassion, and therefore loves to be with Him.

So at this closing part of Lent, we seek through contrite hearts to put to death the sins of Judas within us, and through faith to find ourselves rising to the love manifested in Mary. Does not your heart thrill to think of being in her place, so near to Him? For He is merciful and kind, and His holy Passion reconciles us to the Father.

The sermon.

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