Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Conversion of St. Paul

Saul becomes St. Paul, a leader of the persecution becomes least of the apostles, the first becomes last, the wolf becomes a lamb. Did not Jacob bless Benjamin calling him a ravening wolf? And is not St. Paul a son of Benjamin? So is the prophecy fulfilled: the wolf devours in the morning, and in evening divides the spoil. Saul devours the disciples of Christ in the morning, and in the evening is given grace to become a disciple himself. And his conversion happens on Straight Street, as the crooked is made straight.

So also must all disciples of Jesus turn from the evil of misguided zeal and idolatry, and in the spirit of their Baptism become buried, inundated, immersed, and covered with Christ; and let the scales fall from their eyes that they too may see clearly the Light of the world, as did Saul who saw Him on the Damascus road. The sermon is here.

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