Sunday, November 01, 2009

SS Simon and Jude

This sermon is from a few days ago; just posting it to see if it works.


Cecil The Sea Sick Sea Serpent said...

The file format and the file extension do not match, therefore, WMP can not open the file.

Fr BFE said...

that's odd; it works for me

Cecil The Sea Sick Sea Serpent said...

It won't play on the internet, and if I down load it the file size is only 2KB.

Fr BFE said...

This is really strange. I went to to look at the file for download, and it's 8MB. It works fine on my computer.

I think there's a weird interface thing that works with your computer if you already have something downloaded, in which case if this link were only to a tag, the file would play on mine but on no one else's; but in this case I don't have the file on my computer anywhere. It's at the site. And it plays when I click on it.

I'm stumped.