Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jesus Hid Himself

The Fifth Sunday in Lent is the first day of Passiontide, the last two weeks in Lent. We veil the images and statuary (this photo shows another church which has done the same), as a grim reminder of the fact that when the Jews resisted and opposed Jesus, unwilling to hear His rebuke, He "hid himself, and went through the midst them, going through the temple, and so passed by." Thus we are warned to take to heart His rebuke, and the pricks of conscience, to repent, and turn again unto Him who is Himself the Almighty, who here identifies Himself as the "I am." The Gospel is from St. John 8:46-59. Today's audio file has the choral stanza of the Hymn of the Day spliced between the Gospel reading and the sermon:

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