Friday, December 26, 2008

White Christmas!

Now that the blogosphere I frequent and to which I occasionally contribute has covered the spiritual side of Christmas, I have to say that there's something pleasing about the other side of it, too.

And since we've all been sufficiently chided for allowing too much Christmas celebrating to go on during Advent, why can't we import some of the cultural stuff into these Twelve Days of Christmas?

So, in the spirit of this exceptionally snowy year, I'd like to say that I'm particularly fond of this, ah, inspiring rendition of "White Christmas" by the Drifters, disguised here as Santa and his reindeer:


Susan said...

White Christmas? Bah, humbug. If you're going to visit your mom, you could stop by here on the way and do some shoveling for me.

Mela Kalikimaka!

Scott said...

64 in Cleveland today...

Pr. H. R. said...

This is also the opening song of a fine Christmas movie: Mixed Nuts. Recommended.