Thursday, May 08, 2008

Father Hollywood on Christian Cruising

Wow, Father Hollywood has gone and done it again. A recent post on his blog is a veritable exposé of some rather lavish expenditures at pastors' conferences.

Evidently a recent such conference was held on a cruise ship. A cruise ship.

Holy cow.

And this one was held in the deep South. You know, Katrina lands. As I mentioned to him, somebody obviously wasn’t too concerned about how that might look, to say nothing of its, ah, questionable morality. Sort of reminds me of the absentee bishops in medieval times, or again, of things which led right up to the French Revolution.

I have no beef with occasional vacations, but I don't think I ought to expect the people to foot the bill in addition to paying my salary. I certainly wouldn't expect them to pay it if they had recently been ravaged by a hurricane.

But he tells me a colleague of his told him he was being too legalistic, that he even worshiped a different Christ. And my reply was this: perhaps he does worship a different Christ.

You know, the one who said “Feed my sheep,” not “Fleece my sheep.”

Anyhow, a look at his article is well your time: click here.

Post script: If you check out that article, you might find the responses amusing too, to say the least. I just looked them over myself, and was quite surprised to find, in addition to the expected rants against him, a plug for our own Oktoberfest up here in Kewanee next fall.

Yes, Father Hollywood, you must come. My gold watch is swinging back and forth, and I say this in deep, comforting tones. Come to Oktoberfest. Come to Oktoberfest. You're getting sleepy . . .

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Past Elder said...

Father Hollywood is THE MAN!

I'd join the SSP myself except I'm not sure I could hack the daily praying one of the offices and the annual retreat thing. Maybe a Third Order Secular will evolve!

Pastor's conferences on luxury cruise ships? Sure, Peter and Paul did that all the time! Unglaublich!