Monday, July 16, 2007

A Little Convention Fun

I'll leave the deep, serious, abiding matters of the LCMS Convention for others to blog about in depth--things like the ramifications of the reelection of President Kieschnik, but by only 52% of the vote; the unprecedented shut-out of all floor nominations by a clever new standing rule that somehow had us asking the convention each time a single name was introduced, and the requirement that each time the name was introduced, mention had to be made of the recent lawsuit on everyone's mind and whether or not the nominee was a plaintiff (at least I can't recall ever having seen such shenanigans before, and this is my seventh convention); the declaration of altar and pulpit fellowship with the AALC, a small synod comprised of parishes that had left the old ALC when it merged with the LCA to get the ELCA (I was a bit pleased by that action, actually)--and I'll just mention in passing that although this is only the second day of the convention, and there's still much to do, so who knows what will happen.

But in the meantime I had a little fun. At a certain point when the voting boxes weren't working and everyone was just sitting and waiting, and the Synodical President told a few bad jokes, I took the down time to write a little poem, and then I brought my poem to the floor. With permission, I read it to the delegates, to their evident satisfaction, and even applause. Here it is:

There once was a Synod convention
Which endured not a little contention
But they all had to sit
When the vote boxes quit
And declare, What a splendid invention!


Anonymous said...

A limerick if I ever heard one.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the Secretary had your limerick printed in the back of one of the issues of Today's Business?

P.S. I wish you had put a box of Gottesdienst buttons with your display. I really wanted to wear one on the convention floor.