Friday, June 15, 2007

Scooter Libby to Stay in Jail

The more Scooter Libby flaps in the wind, the more I am inclined to think the President deserves his low approval ratings. I'm already inclined to be outraged that President Bush refuses to pardon Mr. Libby (click here to see my previous post on the matter). And I was one of the last holdouts, thinking, how can so many people be unhappy with the President? Well, this takes the cake for me. Unless, of course, somebody can convince him to act. Now we hear that the judge has insisted that he remain in jail during the appeals process. My own sentiments on this matter are exactly in agreement with this article from William Kristol. Come on, Mr. President. Just do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

I hope the President will do the right thing and allow the appeal process to play out before taking any action. To do otherwise would indicate possible favoritism based on political considerations, Mr. Libby's special relationship with the Vice-President, and/or a secret deal not to speak to Prosecutors in exchange for a pardon with no jail time.

All the arguments you presented in your previous post could have been made at Mr. Libby's trial. Perhaps, Mr. Libby's attorney did a poor job in defending him. If so, that could be a basis for his appeal. Or, perhaps, the evidence was so overwhelming that no effective defense was possible.

A jury of his peers convicted Mr. Libby of lying under oath. This is not only a crime against the state but a sin against God. The President should be careful not to undermine respect for the laws of men and of God.

Father Eckardt said...

The facts of the case are public knowledge. In fact the jury of his peers determined that when he contradicted his earlier testimony it was a lie, though a more plausible explanation is that his first recollection was not entirely accurate, though innocently given. He gave more details than he needed to give, in an effort to be helpful. In so doing, he hanged himself. The zeal of the prosecution clouded the real issue and led to his conviction. In short, his first testimony was incorrect, but it was not a lie. The eighth commandment requires us to see things that way, I believe. Moreover, the investigation itself turned out to be a farce, because, as we now know, Mr. Libby was not the source of the leak. Mr. Bush knows all this; the court has remanded Mr. Libby to incarceration during the appeals process. If ever there was a cause for the pardon, this is it. And no, not after the appeals process. To be sure, a pardon would be politically troublesome. But since when is that consideration a legitimate reason for not doing the right thing?

Pastor Daniel Skillman said...

Regarding the politically troublesome pardon:

Bush is either a lame duck already anyway. In a sense, that makes him bullet proof. He could pardon Libby without anything worse happening to him or his party than has already happened. He has nothing to lose.

I'm not saying pardoning Libby is the right thing.I don't know enough about the case. I didn't follow it. I don't want to follow it.

What I want to follow are interesting articles by the author of this blog. I don't always write in responses Fr. Eckardt, but I am out here reading. About every three days, I check your blog.

I know that you are busy, but I was wondering if you might not spend a little more time here. If that isn't realistic, then surely you have back-dated sermons and papers you could post. I, for one, would appreciate it.

Just to let you know, I plan on using some of your "Why?" articles in some up-coming congregational news-letters. Thanks for the permission to reprint them. I believe that they will be helpful.

In Christ,
Fr. Daniel