Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Skype Me!

The world is getting smaller all the time. Wow, downloading Skpe was easy and free. To do it, just log in at or click here and follow the simple online directions. Now I can talk to anyone in the world who has Skype, for free, whenever I want. The other person has to have Skype too, and a little microphone or headset for his computer. And as I understand it, at least until the end of this year, you can even call people who don't have Skype for free too, in the U.S.

This is huge.

If I were really into investing, I'd put my money here. It's, as Howard Hawks would say, the way of the future. I predict that the telephone will soon become a thing of the past. People everywhere will have these little barely noticeable headsets, and be talking to friends in Calcutta or wherever, whenever. I suppose it's too much to hope that it will all be for free; but maybe for a very few dollars.

Meanwhile, the audio streaming idea of mine is getting closer to reality. Hopefully that will be in place very shortly. Then you can open a file that lets you listen in to our half-hour radio show whenever you want. Also, of course, for free. I think we may pass an offering plate, though. Isn't that a requirement among Lutherans?


Fr. Shane Cota said...

I think it was Howard Hughes you're thinking of, not Howard Hawks.

Thanks for the info. I have to look into this Skype thing.

Father Eckardt said...

Right, Hughes . . .