Thursday, May 11, 2006

Preliminary Plans for Audio Streaming

I'm going to have to follow up on some ideas we've been kicking around. There's talk among us of having a weekly radio show on the local station, around 25 minutes long. We'd have some talk, music, and maybe a little preaching.

In the meantime the idea was raised of doing some audio streaming for this site, or perhaps for the St. Paul's site, or maybe for another, new blog. This is all rather new to me, but I'm told it's not really too difficult to do. Now wouldn't that be cool. People could just tune in and hear what's going on here any time they wanted.

And soon, no doubt, we'd be famous. Just think, you heard about it first, right here. See what a benefit you get from plugging in to Gottesblog?


Anonymous said...

Stream away Fr. Eckardt, stream away. (And I don't mean behind a seminary dorm after one two many beverages.)

Fr. Kaput

Anonymous said...

Father, that would be great. But why would it be necessary to have music selections? Will we exposed to contemporary pop, or is it something else that you are planning?
Michaelk Borussia

Father Eckardt said...

Contemporary pop? Forsooth! Listen, we have a marvelous liturgical choir here. We'll give you a little taste of what our people get every Sunday. That is, if this dream gets a chance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father,
My fears had mislead me. Liturgical music: excellent.

When it comes to high-tech things, there's usually a young man (usually with a goatee) who knows all about uploading, downloading and the latest programmes. He should make a good assistant in your endeavours.

Michaelk Borussia