Sunday, April 30, 2006

One Hundred and Fifty and Three

The number of fish the disciples caught (St. John 21) was an exact number, even as the number of the elect, counted after the resurrection, is exact. They were found on the right side of the ship because the elect are at the right hand of Christ. The nets were not broken because there will be no schism in the perfect Day. And behold, the number is one hundred and fifty and three.

Now what can this number mean? The number of all the elect is surely signified well by the number of twelve (Old Testament tribes) times twelve (New Testament apostles at the heads of the new tribes), which totals 144. Is not this number also spoken of in the Apocalypse, for the same reason? And in all of these elect, the almighty Triune God is active, both of old and in the times of the Church. Thus we signify God's presence throughout all of history by 3 x 3, which equals 9. So all of the elect, who have ever been with the thrice holy One, are signified by 144 + 9, which equals 153.

God be praised, who hides His secrets so well, and then so graciously opens them up for us, in our holy musings on Sacred Scripture.


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